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A comprehensive program offering support services to eligible Sucraid® (sacrosidase) Oral Solution U.S. patients.

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SucraidASSIST provides access to education, dietary consultation, and peer coaching by qualified staff at QOL Medical.

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You can reach a SucraidASSIST specialist by calling 1-800-705-1962.

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The SucraidASSIST program is provided by QOL Medical, LLC and offers comprehensive support services to patients with CSID, their caregivers, and their healthcare providers. The SucraidASSIST program helps patients by addressing disorder education, drug education, diet consultation, and daily living tips.

Informational Video

Making Informed Choices with CSID

QOL Medical, LLC contributed financially to the production and air time of this video, which appeared on the Lifetime Television Network. Brandi Rabon, who appears in this video, is a QOL Medical employee. Dr. William R. Treem, who also appears in this video, was a paid consultant of QOL Medical and was compensated for his time in participating in this video. Please see indication and Important Safety Information below.

Informational Video

How to Travel with Sucraid®

This video explains how to travel with Sucraid® to school, the office, or on an extended trip.

Informational Video

How to Administer Sucraid®

This video demonstrates how to correctly dose Sucraid®.